Volare Console

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Construction Sequence

'Volare' comes in two versions. This is the console version, the utility version is available as a separate set of plans. They're both 15'4” long and 5' wide.

Her length is that of two sheets of 8' plywood and she's built in two halves (bow end and stern end). This enables the majority of the construction work to be carried out in a small workshop.

The stern section is built from straight sided panels. This simplifies much of the marking out and cutting of large sheets and panels. If your timber merchant offers a cutting service they can be cut there.

The bow and stern sections are designed to be joined permanently using epoxy resin between the end frames and additional layers of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin over the joint area before applying to the complete outer hull.

The boat is designed for long shaft (20”) outboard engines.



Length: 15' 4”

Beam: 5' 0”

Empty Hull Weight: 400 lbs

Suggested Horsepower: 15 hp (2 persons). 25 hp (4 persons)


List of Materials

Marine Plywood:

1/2"x4'x8' (12mmx1220mmx2440mm)

4 sheets

3/8"x4'x8' (12mmx1220mmx2440mm)

4 sheets

1/4"x4'x8' (12mmx1220mmx2440mm)

4 sheets

1 1/2" square timber for the temporary supports

about 40' (13m)

1 1/2" square timber for batten fixings (reuse temporary support timber)

about 10' (3m)

1 1/2"x3/4" timber for batten fixings

about 200' (60m)

7"x1 1/2" timber for the motor board

5' (1500mm)

50 yard roll (45m) of 3" (75mm) glass tape

14 yards of glass cloth to cover the hull

Two gallons (9 liters) of epoxy resin

About 5 pounds (2 kg) of resin thickening powder

5 sheets of 8'x4'x2" (1220mmx2440mmx50mm) Styrofoam for the flotation